Great News!!
As you are probably aware Cardano has been running the Incentivized Testnet since just before christmas of 2019. The purpose of the testnet was, and is, to study the behaviour of delegators and stakepool operators alike and to understand if what had been theorised with game theory also worked in in reality.
At the same time it was a first try to set parameters such as number of stakepools participating and saturation, as well as the percentages of payable rewards.
In order to be able to participate Ada-holders needed to have their ADA placed in a private wallet like Daedalus  or Yoroi at the time of a snapshot, and not on exchanges.
The snapshot would verify the amount of Ada in possession of each ADA holder and copies were then made for the purpose of delegating them on the Incentivezed Testnet.
Since there was no hard fork, the testnet ADA were not real ADA or a new different coin. But the rewards that the ADA holders would gain by delegating their ADA were real.
Stakepool Staking Cash was one of the last pools to join so consequently nearly all of the ADA had already been distributed among other pools. 

But we have nevertheless been able to get our pool to produce blocks. To this purpose we have at some point also done a complete rebuild of the pool, while implementing a triple node and fail safe fall over implementation. By doing so we were able to fully demonstrate the reliability of the pool and the technical capabilities of our technicians.


Meanwhile the next phase of the preparation of the launch of Shelley had started, the Friends and Family Haskell Test Net, or HTN.
About twenty of the most active and dedicated stakepool operators were invited to be taught this new setup directly by IOHK. Their purpose was to gain expertise and then be able to coach the next wave of stakepool operators. These twenty fortunate stakepool operators were called the Pioneers.
The Friends and Family era will come to an end on June 9th when the HTN will become freely accessible, hereby kicking off the public stage of the HTN.
But the good news is, that we have beaten the clock!! As of today June 6th, Stakepool Staking Cash is fully operational on the Shelley  HTN and first blocks are due to be minted soon!!!
We are looking forward to a great performance the next few weeks until we reach the last phase, which will be main net.

It is our declared mission to become one of the top 100 Cardano stakepools and we are confident that we will succeed. When we do….it will be time for you and anybody who holds Ada, to come and pay us a visit and delegate your ADA to CASH.
See you on main net!!