Recently, we have witnessed Cardano grow into one of the most advanced and stable blockchain platforms, courtesy of a team that is in constant search for knowledge. Based on a series of collaborations with academic institutions, government entities, and corporations, results are beginning to show.

We have a blockchain solution for the University of Tbilisi in Georgia to prove academic qualifications; a collaboration with the Ethiopian government gave rise to Atala blockchain solution aimed at providing financial services to people living in Africa; The creation of the Ouroboros protocol; and focus on research and development in cryptography and distributed systems among many other collaborations and partnerships.

Led  by no other than crypto legend,  Charles Hoskinson, we can see the philosophy of decentralization gradually take shape with a team distributed all across the globe.

The ongoing Shelley updates are an example that the IOHK team is on a roll!

As the new phase of Cardano development shifts away from a federated network to a completely decentralized platform, we can only look forward to members of the community enjoying the extremely high transaction speed and new services like staking!

The decentralization-focused Shelley release is truly living up to its description as the “era of growth and development for the network”, and started off by the making stakepool operators with the new procedures in the  “Friend and Family” phase.

This great milestone is a testament that the entire IOHK team and the community are systematically becoming one unit, and more importantly, getting even more involved in building what  promises to be
the greatest blockchain platform on market.

As the Shelley development reaches its peak, Cardano may now begin looking forward to having succesfully designed the  most decentralized Proof-of-Stake blockchain. And there is a more reason to celebrate.
With Shelley come a revolutionary asset wallet called Daedalus, an App platform, and a new Cardano blockchain explorer.
We wish Cardano all the best with the completion of the project!!

Finally, as Stakingcash stakepool, what excites us most about the Shelley launch is that is has started to fullfill its promise to create a decentralised platform that will enable the creation of many new financial tools, which will eventually find their ways to countries where it is needed the most and help bank the 3 billion unbanked people on our planet.