Cardano sprung into existence in 2015 when a company called IOHK, of Jeremy Wood and Charles Hoskinson, was commissioned to rethink the concept of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In 2017 tech company IOHK of Jeremy Wood and Charles Hoskinson presented their blockchain to the world,


Not long before in 2008, bitcoin had been invented as a digital means of sending value between people without any third-party interference and a few years later, Ethereum came on the scene, adding a story to the transactions of bitcoin. 

IOHK set out on a mission to solve remaining problems such as governance, scalability and interoperability, and Charles Hoskinson created the now-famous whiteboard video in 2017.

The project developed with the collaboration of universities worldwide, and was based on scientific research, formal methods, and peer to peer review. Along the way many papers were written, many new protocols invented, and now Cardano is presenting its software platform that can serve as the foundation for a new global operating system.

Although the project of developing the Cardano Blockchain was sourced to IOHK, the ultimate goal has always been from the very beginning to create a decentralized system which would be governed by a voting system where the Cardano community could gather and propose, discuss and vote future initiatives and developments of the system.

Meanwhile, the Cardano community has grown to be one of the largest and certainly most enthusiastic in the entire crypto space.

It does not only consist of people that made an investment in Ada but of many community members around the world as well as Cardano Ambassadors who truly believe they are supporting the creation of a new financial operating system, with the capability to redesign the way business works in the world and ultimately offer everybody a shot at creating a better life for themselves.