The Staking Cash Stakepool

Staking Cash offers the possibility to stake your ADA to our stakepool. Staking is the process of delegating your stake (the amount of Ada you possess) to a stakepool. By receiving your Ada, the stakepool gains in the systems consideration, and chances increase to produce blocks. The blockchain rewards the stakepool for looking after your Ada, and the Ada holder receives interest in appreciation of staking their ADA. These are the mathematical principles the Cardano blockchain is based on. Currently, to be able to stake, you need to download a Daedalus wallet or Yoroi wallet.

Once you have downloaded and synchronized your wallet, you are able to stake to a stakepool via the wallet with the click of a button. Soon it will be possible also to stake ADA from several cryptocurrency exchanges. At the time this article went to press, this was not yet the case, but this option should arrive very soon.

How do I choose a stakepool?

There are many stakepools that help keep the Cardano protocol running. But the rewards are fixed on some criteria.The most important one is that stakepools that commit more of their own ADA, receive a higher interest from the blockchain to offer their stakeholders. STAKING CASH has made such a financial commitment by staking and committing a substantial amount of our ADA to guarantee the security of our pool. Such a commitment is called a pledge. Also, we use world-class technical equipment and we are online 99.99 percent of the time.

You will learn that it may be convenient to switch from one stakepool to another every now and then. This is perfectly fine, as you want to optimize your returns. Just make sure to choose STAKING CASH when you first stake your Ada, ticker CASH and keep us on a shortlist of stakepools that you like to work with.

“To stake to us use ADA address f059ed9ef469a045d29c0f48799fb6cab08c0abbc0fd1f736a5fced5”